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Building a unique business for herself, Quintece Hill-Mattauszek, has branded her name in the design industry as an Interior Design Presentation Specialist. Trained as an Interior Designer, she took her knowledge of design and her technical skills to a new level by offering quality presentation services to some of the DC and Baltimore Metro area’s most distinguished designers since 2002.

Over the past 13 years Quintece has collaborated with her colleagues on various design projects from small Manhattan apartments to elaborate lighting designs for towers in Dubai. After taking time off to start her family she has come back and hit the ground running by stepping out on her own as a full service design firm in 2011. Enjoying working on both large and small spaces that inspire her and loving every aspect of design from space planning to painting, remodeling to redecorating, Quintece is not afraid to dig right into a design challenge and get her hands dirty.

"I truly get inspired by my client’s design goals and desires. I aim to achieve a space that is uniquely theirs. Color doesn't scare me and pattern excites me!" - Q

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p: 301-728-2343 | f: 703-373-1691


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